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The year 2020 and the number 2020 is an earth number and is attributed to the earth-order sense, the body and feelings (nature being earth being fairies). In the spiritual numberology of checksum 4, this vibration invites us to acknowledge the abundance and order within the unlimited flow of abundance, as a whole, and to experience and live through our feelings and their expression, the resonance of individual and global planetary change with the total "connectedness perception" (detachment of separateness). Kristall effekt

The date 9.-19.9. 2020 is the checksum:

5 Soul-Human-Life-Yes, Soul-Earth Sense Eigen-Steadiness Manifestation. Discovering and creating - to perceive and integrate clarity and ideas about our feelings as individuals for everyday life as well as for projects of new forms of community from the I to the WE from a higher perspective of consciousness.