Energy treatments

Through challenges and circumstances, the soul has the desire to create new insights in the consciousness of the personality that relate to important changes, health and beneficial actions for this lifetime.

The supply and connection of energies from the highest universal levels, master energies, extra-galactic and earth-innerplanetary light beings, as well as the love and magnetic energies in harmony with the soul promote the self-healing process holistically.

The adjustments and changes in physical and emotional expression is a realistic result that can be produced and includes healing of disease patterns.

Inherited psychological and physical patterns in ancestor patterns, soul-family group energy (morphic genetic fields), so that this is also stopped in future generations.

In addition, questions can also arise that concern you and your soul, which can be broken down in a conscious connection to your soul and provide choices.

The activation of the soul connection enables the personality to feel the energies of its soul. This strengthens the trust in oneself and in one's own intuition and promotes the ability to distinguish and assign.

Cost per session 100.00 / hour (Children 80.-)

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Energy transfer (Aletia) 5 sessions

The energy transfer is a gentle combination of universal and magnetic energy that is brought into the body and frees the chakras from outdated patterns, attachments and blockages. This clarifying process is carried out and supported during five sessions with breaks of within 13 days.

Supports people who have the desire to experience conscious spiritual growth and to integrate this into their everyday life and living.

The adjustment of the love-magnet energies and the new chakra system.

Supports parents of star children, as well as the star children for the spiritual growth process (see star children)

Strengthens the immune system and neutralizes side effects of medication during longterm- and chemotherapy.

Cost per session 200.

Healing Sounds

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In conscious connection with my soul I chant (tones) and channel healing sounds (voice only) and word frequencies from the highest universal level, which are specifically attuned to the energy of the body, the personality and the soul of personality.

The sound frequencies serve for regeneration (body, emotions), harmonization, as well as stabilization and reconnection to the vibration of the original divine harmony and those who consciously "rediscover" and connect to their own soul resonance and their home on earth.

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Costs 100.- / duration 45 minutes

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Star child channelling and consultation

There are also adult Star-children!

Therefore it can also be helpful for parents to be supported and advised. Since a new understanding must be understood as a holistic spiritual concept (one or more star children may be involved in a family). «If the parents are strong, the children can also grow and develop in a healthy way.»

In the conscious connection and communication with the soul of the personality the specific rays can be channeled. Activations can take place to understand the valuable potentials holistically and to integrate them in balance for this lifetime.

So that the personality succeeds in taking balance steps that correspond to the soul plan and the ray function to be here as a soul-human-personality. But also to achieve their tasks, challenges and goals with joy.

The prerequisite for this is that they fully recognise themselves in their esteem by becoming aware of their potentials and can use them joyfully and with their own will, purposefully.

Written star child channeling including session with activations and suggestions for specific healing tools for the home.

Costs 400.-

(Soul) Channeling

If you want to learn more about your soul in its relationship with you and what treasures it has for you, then this can be answered with clear questions.

In the conscious soul connection a connection to the soul of the personality is created. With intuitive energy and word interpretations (channeling) valuable inFORMation can be supplied, which leads to a greater understanding and new choices are available. This also includes healing and strengthening.

(See also Star children)

(Written, practical or via Skype) Costs 150.-

Advisory goal

• Soul-human-personality-growth and development

• Energetic supply and healing frequencies from the information field for the beneficial and strengthening continuation in everyday life.

• The activation and connection of the soul and its knowledge to the personality.

• Transformation of unconscious beliefs, belief patterns (individual collective)

• Disturbing information patterns in the body and energy bodies, interference fields, morphic fields

• Transformation of deficiency thoughts, which block the flow of life and love.

• Strengthening of mind control

• Transitions of all phases of life, stages of life

• Transformation of emotional attachments

• Energetic development of missing organs

• Healing in the Cell Consciousness Matrix

• physical and emotional shocks, traumas

• Anxiety, phobias, sleep

• Pain of separation (feelings) and separation (pain body)


• Neutralization of medications

• Learning difficulties, concentration

Consulting Philosophy

As a clear and conscious channel support you in your original creative power to discover life in its diversity and unlimited abundance in a self-determined way. This also includes self-love and self-acceptance and acting on your own responsibility.

The essence of the soul is the information field that is inherent in every human being! It is omnipresent and the navigation for consciousness, love connection and wholeness in our hologram!

From it flows the energetic healing power, because the soul is the original source and the basis for the balance of the trinity «soul-human/body-personality».

Spiritual causes and person-related topics of the life of the personality as well as connections can be broken down and changed at the root with the conscious soul connection and clarifying conversations in order to recognize true needs and heart desires and to let go of limiting ideas about oneself, the body and one's own life.

Energy impulses (intentions, thoughts) create waves. And since the entire universe (quantum consciousness field) consists of energy and light, yes, is in constant vibration or movement, we can consciously perceive this in our body at the moment of transformation.

Because nothing is solid or durable. Therefore no absolute exists. Nothing is separate, we are all connected to each other and to the whole universe and one.

And this entity I call soul existence consciousness, which we are. This consciousness is always in flux and in motion. Our goal should be to get more and more into synergy and harmony with this polarity.

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