The golden sound

The golden sound refers to the process of universal sound connections in appropriate frequencies and can restore order and communication between the original divine hologram in the cell and the cell consciousness.

In the conscious connection with her soul and the knowledge of the golden frequencies Irina Maria Garbini chants and channels sounds of the universal plane, which flow from the soul projection of Pythagoras and the 11th planes of the angels, among others...

The golden sound makes it possible to come into a state of grace, where healing can take place in the cellular memory or consciousness, and regeneration in the physical and emotional structure.

All overtones are present in the chakras, in the organs, cells, brain nerves and all fluids of the human body as a holographic image of the Creator and thus in a healthy form. The universal order whose frequency is the divine sound can be absorbed by the subconscious mind and personality free of definition. Images and symbols created by the soul through this can also bring very healing and valuable information relating to the personality and its spiritual development. For the golden sound serves the awareness and memory of one's own soul facets. This can awaken the creative love potential to consciously perceive the appreciation for the "soul-human-being" on the mother earth.

Pythagoras has a master function and serves out of the creative masses as an important information energy for the planet Earth. His golden energy is involved from the very beginning with the soul of Irina Maria Garbini. As a service soul it works for the spiritual development of man and the global planetary expression. Among other things, it channels new connections, laws in connection with the function and new orientation and new emergence for the triad of magnetic love and the golden age in living relation to our human existence on earth.

From this the CD «the Golden Sound» and the CD «the 7 new star planets» was born (These sounds serve the cell regeneration and the anchoring of the own soul sound into the cell consciousness for the reconnection into the vibration of the original divine harmony).

der goldene Klang Coverder goldene Klang Cover

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Your personal soul primal sound

On request Irina Maria Garbini chants her own soul primal sound as a power chant on a sound carrier.

  • Heart opening energy strengthens the expression of the soul in relation to being human
  • Spiritual Energy Strengthening
  • strengthens your potential and supports you in your projects
  • Physical disharmony can be irradiated with a specific sound to transform the information
  • Harmonised, anchored and stabilised

All chants are connected with the earth energy sound of the mother earth to make heart desires earth real and earth-related.