The vibrations of the 7 new star planets

All seven star planets are distributed in space and time in your universe. They form the seven chakras in the star system in a unique order. So these sounds can be adjusted to the order in your chakras, for they form the balance for the new consciousness of love. This happens one by one. So you are in our connection. Blessing and Peace Orion and Urania.

sternplaneten 01 kalesuromus sternplaneten 02 solaromus sternplaneten 03 orfalicus sternplaneten 04 krilado sternplaneten 05 malorisum sternplaneten 06 omuhumularis sternplaneten 07 mmh


Channelings with Orion of the space fleet, the Elcor of commander Elinor. It has been said that 7 new star planets will enter our system. Thousands and thousands of years these highly developed beings on these 7 star planets have been prepared by the beings of the space fleet Elcor, to create a balance in the highest love with magnetic guidance and to participate in the magnetic age for the golden age for the forthcoming love planet Earth. The sounds serve for the balance in the human system and the balanced earth polarity.

So let yourself in, into the sound of voices that touches your physical space and your soul and has a harmonizing effect on all levels.

We recommend ourselves for spiritual seminars, group meditations, concerts and events at home and abroad!

more Explanations "7-Starsplanet_EN.pdf"

All recordings were made in our studio in Altstätten.