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This is a new concept that I created. What I normally support in practice is now created in a mirror image on the ground side and is very effective. Over a period of three weeks, the pattern (or even several) that would like to be changed is exposed to one or more patterns. After three weeks, a healing image for the personality emerges, with which you can connect at any time to strengthen the body and emotional balance. The picture can be laminated or framed.

Order now for you (instructions):

To be able to do this for you on an order. You can write down one or more of your own topics on a piece of paper and scribble the emotions without thinking for 3 seconds with a fine black pen. Just breathe in and unload on a piece of paper when you exhale, then scan and send me an email.

Here's an example:


If questions arise, you can also be supported by telephone during this time. The quantum field is not concerned with finances, physical or mental imbalance, chronic symptoms or the desire to grow spiritually and live out its potential. Here I connect with the soul of the personality and with all available dimensions.

Furthermore, I will soon offer courses or individual sessions to do this for yourself.
Costs incl. picture 250.-

Irina Maria Garbini

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Sunday, 22 March 2020
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