Lay on symbols for transformation healing and regeneration materialization

Remember who you really are. The acceptance of being part of the universal creation. The golden sound together with the energy cards supports the resonance of this energy and can be felt consciously. For hanging up for regeneration and reconnection to the divine original harmony of the cell of a sick or missing organ or for keeping the body, mind and soul healthy.

Mooooi niiil a

Cards for the solar plexus (the numbers correspond to a higher universal order, which like other symbols of sacred geometry can be used very effectively).

Vilaron are magnetic energy specialists in the earth and support the healing process of establishing a balance between body and earth. Can be played with the chant «Trianolin» from the CD "The golden sound".

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Atlantic sound meaning – reconnection to the divine harmony, regeneration also for the thymus (put on symbol). The healthy cell passes the information on to all other cells of the thymus and also to the other glands.